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News and information regarding Mid-Anglia Centre will be posted here.

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JLO Needed

If you think you have what it takes - Please see downloads for more information. 

Mid Anglia 2017 calendar

To help raise money for the Junior charity 2017, which is Macmillan, male ralliers at the 2016/2017 New Year rally, shed their tops, and showed no fear, for a 'one off' photo shoot.  These photos were then made into a calendar which can now be obtained from Jasmine Kent for a princely sum of £7.99, or more if you are feeling generous.  So dig deep and support the Juniors.

2017 Chairlady's address

2017 Chairlady's address can be read in club news.

Valentines 2018

It is with great pleasure to announce that we now have a set of Rally Marshals to run Valentines 2018.  I would like to say a big thank you to Derek & Rosemary Laborne and Ian & Karen McDonald.

Pre-Season Dinner

Anyone wishing to attend our 2018 Pre-Season Dinner, please see booking forms in Downloads.  Please book on this rally using these forms and returning to Ian & Karen McDonald. 

National 2018

Do you fancy yourself as a BBQer extraordinaire?  Check out the information in rally reports, BBQ.

Committee Members 2017/2018 season

Committee members for the 2017/2018 season can be found in Rally Reports.

New Year with Friends

This rally is now full, if you wish to go on the waiting list please contact Richard & Helena Laborne. 

Outstanding images needed

Please see downloads for information relating to photos for the Caravan & Motorhome publications, get sending them your photos.  If you need a the release form that is available for downloading too in the link.

Club Sites for Rallies in 2018

Please have a look in downloads for a list of club sites that are available to hold rallies in 2018 and information relating to rallies on a Club Site.  If you need any further information please email the rally Secretary. 

Responsibilities of the Mid Anglia Committee

Mid Anglia Committee – Roles and Responsibilities

If anyone is interested in becoming a committee member, here is a brief description of some of the job roles for Mid Anglia Centre.

Vice Chairman:

To cover for and assist the Chairman in all aspects of the role. To assist with the general management of the Mid Anglia Centre and ensure the promotion of the good image of the Centre at all times. Maintain the attendance records of the centre, preparing the figures for the AGM and keeps a record of those members attaining friendship plaques.


To support the good running of the Centre, convene and minute committee meetings, liaise with the Caravan Club on all aspects of Centre business. Maintenance of centre membership records and to act as the prime recipient for correspondence and communications with the Mid Anglia Committee and members.


As treasurer, you would be responsible for managing the centre finances. Key tasks include:

1. Responsible for managing all accounts owned by the Mid Anglia Centre, including the Junior Account

2. Supporting marshals and Junior Treasurer on financial matters

3. Verifying rally returns and banking monies

4. Approving centre expenses

5. Consolidating finances (stock reports, inventory, sports etc.), at the end of the financial year (March), for review at the accountant and submission to the caravan club

6. Approaching potential advertisers and the collection of the associated monies

7. Creating a quarterly VAT report

8. Reporting to committee (typically on a 6 week basis)

9. Reporting the Centres financial status at the AGM

For most of the above there are templates in place and the Caravan Club is always there to support if needed.

Rally Secretary:

Co-ordinate the rally programme in respect of dates and locations to ensure a wide variety of activities and venues to appeal to the rallying members. Produce the 'Rally Book' for distribution to centre members and others. Provide support to Rally marshals in particular new marshals. Maintain contact with other rally secretaries and co-ordinates rallies with them through the 4b system.

Rally Equipment Officer:

To manage the distribution of centre rally equipment and marshals kits. To ensure all centre equipment is in good order and maintained to expected standards. Compile and maintain a register of use and ensuring equipment is kept safe. Produce an appropriate number of rally Marshall packs and distribute them at the natter and chatter.

Press Officer:

To provide a coordinating role for the publicity and communication requirements of the centre.

Ensure a regular supply of information to centre members and the caravan club to promote the

activities and image of the centre. To liaise with the editor of the caravan club magazine to provide

items of interest for centre lines page. Produce and distribute the centre news-letter and gather

and publish rally reports.

Centre Equipment Officer:

To manage the purchase and sale of centre equipment. Provide a sales facility of centre

equipment at rallies. Maintain a record of sales and stock. Source equipment and items that will

be required for sale to centre members.

Junior Liason Officer:

To provide a coordinating role to the junior committee. Oversee the junior committee giving

advice and supporting them for raising money for their chosen charity. Help run the junior rally.


Ensures that rally photos, news items and any other worthy pieces of information is placed on theweb site for members to view.

Mid Anglia Centre Downloads

Mid Anglia Centre Information

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