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The Heart of Cambridgeshire

The Caravan and Motorhome Club


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50s Rally

Sean’s 50s Rally

For those who attended, it was a hoot. Lots of jiving and bopping. To top this a total of £110 was collected for the Junior Charity, Karl’s Helping Hand. A big thank you to everyone who contributed. And a bigger thank you, Sean, for your generosity and kind gesture.


Your Centre needs you.

Never has this statement been so understated. New blood is urgently needed so that the Centre can continue to exist. Nominations have been received for Chair and Vice Chair but not for Secretary. Other committee members are now close to fulfilling their tour of duty and with no-other nominations, yet, to step up to the plate, there is a clear indication that there may be no Centre next year.

Funds that are currently managed by the Treasurer will be absorbed into the Caravan and Motorhome Club coffers, never to be seen again. They can’t be kept in a secret account for a time in the future when the Centre might rise, like a phoenix, and be part of the best social club in the land.

So, if you want to continue caravanning with Mid Anglia, have a look at the job descriptions, decide what you might like to do and give it a try. If you think that ‘can I do that?’ and the answer is ‘yes I can’, then go for it. The Committee holds a meeting every six weeks, or so, to discuss Centre business where events, news and future plans can be formulated.

For more information contact any existing committee member.

Additionally, if you think that you could organise and run a rally, ask any committee member and they will advise you on what there is to do. New venues are constantly needed to freshen up the rally programme. So if you know of a hidden gem that could be used, about an hour or hour and a half from where you live, give it a try.