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The Heart of Cambridgeshire

The Caravan and Motorhome Club

Mid Anglia Rules

  1. The speed limit is 5 mph and must not be exceeded at any time. This means walking pace. Fully Licensed Drivers only.
  2. A ‘pup’ tent will be allowed within the area, normally occupied, by an awning or on the offside of the caravan, behind the towing vehicle within the length of the caravan.
  3. All animals are to be kept under control and must not be allowed to run loose on the field. Recommended length of lead when tethered is a maximum of three meters (10 feet) and the animals must be exercised away from the pitching areas.
  4. Own sanitation must be provided.
  5. Members arriving after 10.00pm are to site themselves in the ‘late arrivals’ section, and be re-sited by the Rally Marshals the following morning.
  6. Members not attending rallies for which they have booked, will be charged any costs incurred by the Centre. In any event, a minimum charge of £5.00 will apply, unless acknowledged cancellation by letter, email, fax, telephone or otherwise is received at least seven days prior to the commencement of the rally. Re-registration with the Centre, at the discretion of the Committee, may be denied to any member failing to honour his or her obligation in this respect. The cancellation charge will be reviewed annually and may be adjusted as necessary. THE COMMITTEE DECISION IS FINAL.
  7. Barbecues may only be used with the permission of the rally marshals.
  8. Ball games, including ‘Swing Ball’ must not be played, nor cycles ridden in the vicinity of the caravans.
  9. YELLOW FLAG. In wet weather, a yellow flag flying means NO movement of vehicles, on or off the rally field, except in an emergency.
  10. Ralliers should carry Caravan Club membership cards to ALL Centre events.
  11. You will normally be asked to take your dry waste home.
  12. A donation of £1 is required from anyone towed off a rally field, to cover the cost of the tow.
  13. Always obey the Caravan Code and the Rally Marshals
  14. Members are asked not to smoke at socials as requested by the venue or by the Rally Marshals.
  15. Children under eight must be under the direct supervision of their own parents or guardians at all centre events.
  16. PLEASE NOTE: Mid–Anglia Rally Signs are ‘day-glo’ yellow in colour, with the letters ‘MA’ and an arrow showing direction.

Caravan Club By Laws

Download the Caravan Club By Laws (PDF Document)